Shovel loading bucket 12. MTR

£9,000 (GBP)
England, United Kingdom

Volvo loading bucket for sale 12 MTR large capacity.high tip. Ideally suit waste wood opparation. Good condition can be seen Nottingham UK

Used Orange Peel Grab

Orange Peel Grab

£3,000 (GBP)
Manchester, United Kingdom

Excavator Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab for sale. Totally re built and re furbished. Ready to work. Can be viewed Manchester UK.

Refurbished 2007 MBI MCP800

2007 MBI MCP800

£12,500 (GBP)

fixed Pulverizer. 850mm Opening 1880 kg. CE approved 6 months warranty

Used 2001 MBI SH402R

2001 MBI SH402R

£25,000 (GBP)

Rotating Shear. 650 opening. 5040 kg. CE Approved

Used 2020 MBI SGR2500

2020 MBI SGR2500

£14,100 (GBP)

MBI Sorting Grappel. 2240 Opening 2305 Kg. 6 months warranty.

Refurbished 2003 MBI RP25

2003 MBI RP25

£19,620 (GBP)

MBI RP25 Rotating Pulverizer 930 opening, CE approved 2876kg