£100,000 (GBP)
Used Eldan FG50 and 52 Granulators

Eldan FG50 and 52 Granulators

Eldan Recycling FG 950 and FG 952 Granulators, 2 machines. Immediate availability. - Both machin...
£26,000 (GBP)
Used Pallmann Plastic Granulator

Pallmann Maschienfabrik Plastic Granulator

Manchester, United Kingdom
Pallmann Maschienfabrik Plastic Granulator PS5 - 12.5. Immediate availability. - Year: 1997 - 90...
£17,000 (GBP)
Used Cumbland C50 Granulator, bag stand and blower

Cumberland C50 Granulator Package

Southampton, United Kingdom
Cumberland C50 Granulator. Immediate availability. - Year: 2008 - Blower, bagging Station and co...
£6,950 (GBP)
Used 2023 Wiscon Soundproof Granulator

2023 Wiscon Soundproof Granulator NEW MACHINE

Manchester, United Kingdom
New Wiscon WSGJ400 Soundproof Granulator. The machine is coming as new with immediate availabilit...
£42,500 (GBP)
Used A.W.C Plastics Granulator

AWC Engineering PC80200 Heavy Duty Granulator

Manchester, United Kingdom
AWC Engineering PC80200 Heavy Duty Granulator. Immediate availability. - Year: 2010 - Shaft leng...
£29,500 (GBP)
Used Getecha  RS6009 Granulator

Getecha RS6009 Granulator

Nottingham, United Kingdom
Getecha RS6009 Granulator. Immediate availability. Ideal for bumpers, dashboards, skeleton film ...
£100,000 (GBP)
Used 2012 Eldan Redoma

2012 Eldan REDOMA Cable Granulation Plant

England, United Kingdom
Eldan REDOMA Cable Granulation Plant. The REDOMA machines are cost-efficient recycling machinery ...
£12,000 (GBP)
Used 2012 Herbold SMP 35.42

2012 Herbold SMP 35.42 Granulator

Manchester, United Kingdom
Herbold SMP 35.42 Granulator. - Year: 2012 Despite its age, this is a new machine and can be se...
£18,500 (GBP)
Used High speed shredder

High Speed Shredder Granulator

England, United Kingdom
High Speed Shredder/Granulator. Comes with screens and would be good for tyres, plastic, waste a...
£13,995 (GBP)
Used Stokkermill Copper Cable Granulator

Stokkermill SM - 1100EF Copper Cable Granulator

Scotland, United Kingdom
Stokkermill SM - 1100EF Copper Cable Granulator. For the recycling of copper and aluminium elect...