£54,000 (GBP)

2018 McIntyre Engine Cracker

Barnsley, United Kingdom

No longer available


McIntyre Engine Cracker.

  • Year: 2018
  • Very good condition
  • Can be seen working for a limited amount of time

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An engine cracker can pay for itself in under a year – after that it will just earn you money.  This engine cracker breaks down engines so that their different component parts can be separated for recovery.  It is a compact, tough and powerful machine able to demolish engines at 3 – 5 tonnes per hour.   The machine can withstand the high forces needed to crush engines and separate valuable components. It has a 120 tonne crushing force so it can demolish an engine in just 2 minutes and reduce it to small particles.  Aluminium is then easily separated from steel. The machine can be supplied with conveyors for loading and discharge if required.  We can also supply magnetic separation should you need it.


ModelEngine Cracker