£120,000 (GBP)
Used Tyre recycling processing line.

Eldan Rasper HR 162T Tyre Processing Recycling Line Plant

Manchester, United Kingdom
A full and comprehensive tyre processing and recycling line. This plant is capable of recycling c...
£95,000 (GBP)
Used Eldan FG50 and 52 Granulators

Eldan FG50 and 52 Granulators

Eldan Recycling FG 950 and FG 952 Granulators, 2 machines. Immediate availability. - Both machin...
£110,000 (GBP)
Used 2002 Eldan  Raspa HR162T

2002 Eldan Heavy Duty Rasper HR 162T

Manchester, United Kingdom
Eldan HR 162T Heavy Duty Rasper. Immediate availability. - Year: 2002 - Condition: Excellent. Ne...
£25,000 (GBP)

Eldan R800 Rasper

Southampton, United Kingdom
Eldan Rasper R800, immediate availability. Raspers are used for primary size reduction of materia...
£100,000 (GBP)
Used 2012 Eldan Redoma

2012 Eldan REDOMA Cable Granulation Plant

England, United Kingdom
Eldan REDOMA Cable Granulation Plant. The REDOMA machines are cost-efficient recycling machinery ...
£210,000 (GBP)
Used 2007 Eldan Super Chopper SC1412T

2007 ELDAN SC1412T Super Chopper

Manchester, United Kingdom
ELDAN SC1412T Super Chopper. Immediate availability. - Year: 2007 - Condition: Fantastic working...