£36,000 (GBP)
Used Powrscreen Washing and Screening Deck

POWERSCREEN by Terex Washing and Screening Deck

London, United Kingdom
Powerscreen Washing and Screening Deck. - Coming on its own stand with walkways, safety railings...
£35,000 (GBP)
Used 2008 POWERSCREEN by Terex MK2 MKII Rinser

2008 POWERSCREEN by Terex MK2 MKII Rinser

United Kingdom
POWERSCREEN by Terex MK2 MKII Rinser. - Year: 2008 - 8x4 Two Deck Rinser Unit - Fully Refurbishe...
£57,500 (GBP)
Used 2008 Powerscree Mk 2 Rinser

2008 Powerscreen by Terex MKII Rinser

Sheffield, United Kingdom
Powerscreen by Terex MKII Rinser. Immediate availability, first to see will buy Year: 2008 Fitt...
£4,799 (GBP)
Used POWERSCREEN 14ft Tipping Grid

POWERSCREEN 14ft Tipping Grid

United Kingdom
Powerscreen 14ft Tipping Grid. Hydraulic Raising/Lowering. Will Fit The Full Terex Range (Power...