Used 2016 Tana Shark 440DT

2016 Tana Shark 440DT

£260,000 (GBP)
Birmingham, United Kingdom

For sale 2015 Tana Shark 440DT slow speed shredder. With 6408 hours worked. Lots of extras including, over-band magnet, fire suppressant, Remote control and much more. The machine can be seen worki...

Used 2012 TANA 220D

2012 TANA 220D

£110,000 (GBP)
England, United Kingdom

For sale Tana Shark 220D Shredder. 2012 Machine with 11691 hours.. The shaft is in good condition and this machine will go straight to work. Fitted with fire suppressant and coming with its own rem...

Used 2008 TANA Shark 440DT

2008 TANA Shark 440DT

£110,000 (GBP)
Manchester, United Kingdom

For sale tana shark 440DT. 2008 machine with 7629 hours. All in good working order. Up graded engine and recently serviced. Can be seen working. For more information or to arrange a viewing please ...

Used 2014 TANA Shark 440DT

2014 TANA Shark 440DT

£120,000 (GBP)
London, United Kingdom

For sale Tana Shark 440D, waste recycling machine/Shredder. 2014 machine with 10800 hours. The machine has been kept in very good condition and is ready to go to work. Can be seen working. For mor...


2019 TANA Tana shark

£360,000 (GBP)
Sheffield, United Kingdom

For sale 2019 Tana Shark 440. 5000 hours and in great condition all tana shark mod cons s including fire suppressant and remote controls. Can be seen working. For more information or two arrange a ...

Used 2020 Tana 440DT Eco

2020 Tana 440DT Eco

£395,000 (GBP)
Birmingham, United Kingdom

From sale Tana Shark 440DT Eco, 2020 machine. with only 2500 hours. In great condition. Ready to work. All Shark mod cons, Full fire suppressant system, Remote control, Overband magnet. Can be view...